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Trade associations greet electrical safety report response with caution

Electrical Contracting News (Vol. 32, No. 9, September 2012) reports that both the NICEIC and ECA have welcomed the Government’s response to a Communities and Local Government (CLG) Select Committee report, published on the 30 March 2012, but have warned that there is little provision to reward competent contractors.

The Government has accepted the Committee’s view that Part P has raised standards, and stated that it would not proceed with changes to reduce safety. The Government has yet to clarify its position on reducing the number of notifiable works.

Emma Clancy, CEO at NICEIC, said, “Electrical contractors want clarity in the building regulations and a fair, enforceable electrical safety regulation that rewards the safe, compliant contractor over the bad. We’re pleased that the Select Committee thoroughly investigated all aspects of Part P and that CLG has responded positively to a number of the points raised.”

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